Agile Transformation Services

Agile: It's For Everyone

You are on the way to be an Agile Enterprise; we can help you to trigger the Agile culture in a Lean way. Lets do it together.

For more than a decade, Agile has changed the rule of the game of work by revealing creativity in the nature of people for the common well-being of the organization. The concept of work has completely evolved to something more transversal, more organic, placing people to the centre of this new system.

Next Tier helps its customers in Agile transition by providing Agile consulting and Agile training to improve organizations' implementation capability of adapting to Agile methodologies and provide organizations to improve Agile-based project management and business process services.

What is Agile TRANSFORM?

Its all about a new culture.

Agile is neither a methodology, nor a process; it's a mindset.

So far, corporate culture has been in the hands of Human Resources. It's time to "hack" the old way of doing things.

Agile Management is a very flexible way to manage projects within time and budget and a high Return on Investment. Agile is known for an iterative approach to develop requirements and an incremental delivery. This way clients don't have to wait, and first business value is achieved without having to wait for the deployment of the full solution. The parameters 'time', 'costs' and quality are fixed and requirements can vary based on the exploring character of Agile.


Enterprise transformation is a process that should be evaluated and managed at all levels throughout the organization. Many of the organizations face difficulties in going beyond the Agile process adopted. We treat the enterprise transformation within our unique approach as a 4 level process going through physical, infrastructure, behavior and culture of the organization. A compaq solution is provided for all those levels in our approach for a maintainable and sustainable change.



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