Docker Professional Services

Docker Infrastructure Optimization

Next Tier provides Professional Services To help customers design, build, and deploy technology solutions with the Docker platform for their IT infrastructure.

Docker containers contain only what's necessary to build, ship and run applications. Unlike virtualization technology (VMs), there is no guest OS or hypervisor necessary for containers. This allows enterprises to reduce the amount of storage and eliminate hypervisor licensing costs within their organizations.

Next Tier helps its customers in this transition by providing Consulting Services and Docker training to improve organizations' implementation and adapting capability of revolutionary Docker platform.

How Docker is Different from VM ?

Virtualization took the industry by storm, creating a new way of managing applications. But hypervisor licensing costs can get expensive, and virtual machines can be inefficient. VMs include a guest operating within each machine, eating up valuable storage capacity. Docker containers are lightweight runtimes, and include only what's necessary to run your applications. Each container running on a node shares the same Linux kernel, with no guest operating system within each container saving enterprises money, and storage space as well, with the ability to spin up or spin down containers based on their needs.

Cloud Portability

Docker provides solutions that allow enterprises to leverage multiple cloud providers, enabling IT operations teams to move workloads across different cloud services, without locking them into using a specific infrastructure tooling. By doing so, Docker allows enterprises to get the most value out of their new and existing infrastructure by decreasing costs while increasing efficiency.



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