IT Security Policy Design, Development and Review

Next Tier has a wealth of understanding among its consultancy community in policy design, compliance, implementation and enforcement. Working with your Systems / network and security personnel, our team can design and audit all the policies according to international standards that cover your operations.

With methods ratified through ISO 27000 standards Next Tier develops the policy structures that ensure the safety of the organizations IT assets.

Why Security policy needed?

In terms of information security, a well defined Security policy allows an organization to:

  • Satisfy the information security requirements of customers and other stakeholders
  • Improve an organization's plans and activities
  • Meet the organization's information security objectives
  • Comply with regulations, legislation and industry mandates
  • Manage information assets in an organized way that facilitates continual improvement and adjustment to current organizational goals
Security Policy in nut Shell

Information security includes three main dimensions: confidentiality, availability and integrity. Information security involves the application and management of appropriate security measures that involves consideration of a wide range of threats, with the aim of ensuring sustained business success and continuity, and minimizing impacts of information security incidents.

Information security is achieved through the implementation of an applicable set of controls, selected through the chosen risk management process and managed using policies, processes, procedures.

Principles also contribute to the successful implementation
  • awareness of the need for information security
  • assignment of responsibility for information security
  • incorporating management commitment and the interests of stakeholders
  • enhancing societal values
  • risk assessments determining appropriate controls to reach acceptable levels of risk
  • security incorporated as an essential element of information networks and systems
  • active prevention and detection of information security incidents
  • ensuring a comprehensive approach to information security management
  • continual reassessment of information security and making of modifications as appropriate


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