Network Assessment and Audit

Information networks are arguably your most important IT assets, their speed and reliability are the foundations upon which your critical business systems and applications run. Ensuring your network infrastructure is available and performing to its optimum is a continual challenge.

Next-Tier comprehensive range of Network Assessment services provides you with a detailed understanding of:

  • Your current network assets and architecture.
  • The issues and risks you face.
  • Remediation and improvement options.
Network Assessment Framework

Network Assessment Services comprise a suite of three discrete components:

Network Design Assessment
  • Network topology and configuration review versus best practice standards
  • Identify design issues
  • Identify resiliency, scalability and flexibility issues on the network to meet business Service Levels
  • Ensure your network is working optimally
  • Identify problematic network performance or reliability issues affecting business critical applications
Network Configuration Audit
  • Ensure your Network Devices running in the optimal way
  • Ensure your Network devices configuration adheres to the industry / vendor best practices
  • Review of network inventory, topology, IP addressing scheme, and naming conventions against best practices
  • Hardware and software EOL status
Firewall Configuration Audit
  • Ensure your Firewall systems are running in the optimal way
  • Ensure that your Firewall configuration adheres to the evolving industry security 'best practices'
  • Identify configuration anomalies and issues that could lead to information leakage and perimeter breaches
  • Identify hardware and software version issues, including vendor end-of-life milestones


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