Systems Security Audit

In today's computing environment, the security of all computing resources, from network infrastructure devices to users' desktop computers, is essential. There are many threats to users' computers, ranging from remotely launched network service exploits to malware spread through e-mails, Web sites, and file downloads. Increasing the security of individual computers protects them from these threats and reduces the likelihood that a system will be compromised or that data will be disclosed to unauthorized parties. Effective and well-tested security configurations means that less time and money is spent eradicating malware, restoring systems from backups, and reinstalling operating systems and applications. In addition, having stronger host security increases network security (e.g., home, business, government, the Internet); for example, most distributed denial of service attacks against networks use large numbers of compromised hosts.

Our IT security Audit framework provides complete audit of Systems against security best practices defined by NIST and FDCC.

Why System Audit is important?

Risks associated with an organization's information assets need to be addressed. Achieving information security requires the management of risk, and encompasses risks from physical, human and technology related threats associated with all forms of information within or used by the organization.

Systems Audit Framework

IT Audit Framework consists of following main components.

Support Procedures Use of Ports
Access Control Event Log Policies
User Data Protection File system Security
Security Policy Configuration Windows Firewall
Account policies configuration Application Security Configuration Audit (MS Office, Browser, E-mail Clients, Antivirus, Antispyware)
User Accounts and Groups Storage Device Sanitization and Disposal
Restricted Groups File Permissions
Software Restriction Policy Registry Permissions
System Services Microsoft TCP/IP stack settings & other Network settings
Registry Permissions Unneeded Networking Components
Wi-Fi Network settings Wi-Fi Network settings
File system Security Installation, Backup, and Patching
Networking Components Disaster Recovery
Microsoft TCP/IP stack settings & other Network settings Configuration Recommendations


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