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Software defined networking (SDN) provides a whole new way to approach networking that enables you to programmatically control network operations for a central point with far greater efficiency that ever before. Using SDN, one can get the access of network switches and routers that typically would use closed and proprietary firmware. SDN use open protocols, such as OpenFlow™, as an open, generic way to communicate to a wide range of vendor platforms and device types and apply globally aware software control at the edges of the network.

ONF -Certified SDN Engineer OCSE-111)
This certification exam attests and formally certifies that the successful candidate has vendor-neutral technical knowledge, skills, and abilities of the major domains of networking practices that support the theory and practice of Software Defined Networking (SDN). It presupposes deeper technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in computer networking practices, and will validate all the major aspects and domains of knowledge and practice in SDN networking environments. The certification will be considered mastery-level validation and certification examination for technical professionals in the domain of SDN networking.

Intended audience
The primary audience for this course are IT, Network or Cloud focused professionals, who are involved in Design, implementation, Migration, Troubleshooting, Operations, Governance & Security Assessments for Network Infrastructure or Practicing more advanced networking technologies for research and education purpose.
Networking Professionals, Cloud focused professionals, IT Consultants, IT Managers, IT Security personnel, IT Tech Senior Networking Tech.

Delivery structure
ONF courses are lectured by ONF certified trainers. OCSE is an instructor-led course that uses a combination of lectures, question-and-answer and Hands on Lab

Participants must hold a valid OCSA certificate in order to register for the OCSE class.

Certification: Exam Title: ONF-Certified SDN Engineer (OCSE-111)
Exam Details: 70 questions in 90 minutes and an overall (all domains) pass score of 70%.

Exam Delivery:Delivered electronically via secure login, with attestation and affirmation of academic integrity by the candidate.

Course Curriculum
Domain 1: SDN Concepts
  • SDN Value Proposition
  • Implementing the SDN Forwarding Plane
  • Implementing the SDN Control Plane
  • Evolution of Switches and Control Plane
  • Protocol Limitations that SDN solves
  • Inadequacies in Networks today
  • SDN Devices and Device Functions
  • Application workflow
  • Programmability (Netconf, Yang, REST)
  • NFV and SDN Use Cases
Domain 2: OpenFlow®
  • Message Types and Headers
  • Basic Operation/Packet Matching
  • Proactive vs Reactive Flows
  • Statistics/Counters
  • Flow Timers
  • Group Tables
  • IPv6
  • Optical Port Properties
  • Port groups and Mapping
  • Message Structures
  • Instructions and actions
  • OpenFlow® Management and Configuration Protocol (OF-Config, OAM, OFDPA, OVSDB, etc.)
  • Action Lists, Sets and Buckets
  • Detailed Packet Matching/TLV’s
  • Sub-Actions
  • Metering
Domain 3: SDN Architecture and Ecosystem
  • Hybrid switch modes
  • Reactive versus Proactive Applications
  • Common API Primitives
  • API Communication Protocols (REST, RESTCONF, JAVA)
  • Controllers
    • Open Source versus Vendor Specific
    • Anatomy of a Controller
    • Controller Redundancy
    • Imperative/Declarative Paradigms
    • Topology Discovery
    • NBI Models/Implementations
  • Software vs Hardware switches
  • Managing Scalability
Domain 4: SDN Implementations and Migrations
  • Controller Placement Design and Considerations/Implementations
  • Application Considerations
  • Scalability Considerations
  • TCAM Limitations
  • Simplifying OpenFlow® with Table Type Patterns (TTP’s)
  • Controller Clustering
  • Controller Federations
  • Hierarchical Controllers
  • Migration Strategies Greenfield/Hybrid/Mixed
  • Migration Approaches
    • Direct
    • Phased
  • Migration Planning
  • Migration Best Practices
  • Implications of a mixed network
  • Carrier Ethernet Network Virtualization
  • Packet-Optical Integration
  • Optical Network Service Provider Data Center Interconnection (DCI)
  • OpenStack and SDN Controller interaction
Domain 5: Troubleshooting and Testing
  • Troubleshooting Flow Table Scenarios
  • Reading Flow Table Entries
  • Packet/Wireshark Decoding/Debugging
  • REST Messaging Types/Wireshark
  • Curl debugging
  • Mininet set-up
    • ovs-ofctl
    • mn sudo
    • curl
  • Description of the test program
    • Test Profiles
    • Standards
    • Specifications
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Tool Sets
    • of-test
    • wireshark dissector
    • flowsim
    • flowvisor
Domain 6: SDN Security
  • Benefits to networks by SDN architecture
  • TCP level secure channel/communication/session establishment between controller/switch
  • In-Band and Out-of-Band management security considerations
  • Controller HA
  • The Implications of SDN on Network Security
  • Securing the OpenFlow® Protocol
  • Securing the OpenFlow® data plane
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Controller/Element Hardening
  • Securing users in a Wi-Fi environment
Domain 7: SDN Futures
  • Describe the purpose of Protocol Independent Forwarding (PIF) and P4, and other packet forwarding innovations beyond OpenFlow?
  • Segment Routing
  • Open Source Initiatives (ONF, ODL, Ryu, ONOS, OPNFV, OCP, ODCA, Open Config)
  • TTP Use Cases
  • Mobile traffic offload
  • Pipeline Compiling
  • Optical Extensions
  • Security Extensions
  • Wireless/Mobility Extensions


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Benefits of SDN Architecture:

Network control is directly programmable because it is decoupled from forwarding functions.

Network intelligence is (logically) centralized in software-based SDN controllers.

SDN lets network managers configure, manage, secure, and optimize network resources very quickly via dynamic, automated SDN programs.

SDN simplifies network design and operation instructions are provided by SDN controllers instead of multiple, vendor-specific devices and protocols.

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